For IKEA 365+ food containers

EcoLoc starter kit

1 790 kr

Our starter kit includes:
1 EcoLoc device
3 food containers (1.0 l)
3 EcoLoc lids
1 standard USB-C cable

To charge your EcoLoc device, a standard USB-C cable is included in the kit.

Note! The EcoLoc lids are compatible with the IKEA 365+ series rectangular food containers that can be purchased at

The article numbers of IKEA 365+ food containers compatible with EcoLoc lids with PureFize functionality are:

703.591.99     IKEA 365+ glass food container 1.0 liter
703.592.03     IKEA 365+ glass food container 1.8 liter
403.591.48     IKEA 365+ plastic food container 1.0 liter
603.591.52     IKEA 365+ plastic food container 2.0 liter
603.930.66    IKEA 365+ plastic food container 4.2 liter
094.375.06    IKEA 365+ stainless steel food container 1.0 liter

Disclaimer: Depending on your country of residence, customs fees may apply upon delivery. Please check your local customs regulations and be aware that any additional fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

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